Advocare Business Opportunity

Searching for more information on the Advocare Business Opportunity?

Let me ask you a question.

How many opportunities have you checked out before Advocare?

If you are anything like most people, probably a lot.

I understand how frustrating it can be trying to decide which company you should join.

I mean really, everyone says “join this company” or “my company is best”, so how do you decide?

All you want to do is make some extra cash, take off some stress and possibly build a business of your own.

Maybe you the kind of person who sees yourself on the stage at the next Advocare success school holding one of the big checks with some huge dollar amount on it, or you could be like everyone else and just looking for a couple hundred extra bucks a month to provide some relief from that mountain of debt.

It really doesn’t matter what your reason is for wanting to join a network marketing company like Advocare, there is an opportunity for you to meet whatever goal you may have.

In fact, many people join Advocare just to make a little extra income and before they know it, they have a full-time income right in front of them that is making more than their full-time job.

Now stories like these are not typical and definitely not guaranteed but they are real and are happening each and every day with Advocare.

My Advocare story is actually a little different from the ones I mentioned above, I actually had no intention on joining Advocare to promote the products and make money, I joined for the discount.

I instantly fell in love with the products after my first Spark energy drink, then even more after my first Advocare 24 Day Challenge were I lost 17 pounds, but for me it was all about saving money when I ordered my products.

I did not even consider taking part in the Advocare business opportunity until people began asking me what I was doing to lose weight and have so much energy.

As I told them about Advocare, they wanted to order some for themselves but since you must order through a distributor, I just gave them the link to my Advocare store so they could order through me.

My first check was just over $200 and I knew then that the business side of Advocare was something I should be taking seriously.

Since I decided to promote the products and business opportunity I have now become an Advocare Advisor and have built a strong team of hungry distributors who are working their businesses to help them reach their financial goals.

I just crossed the one year mark with Advocare and my results have well surpassed my expectations when I purchased my $79 Advocare distributors kit.

I am nowhere near being on stage and accepting one of those big checks or even one of the top distributors, I know I will be in time but for 1 year in the business, I am well above where I thought I would be.

I feel that I have a unique advantage over most of the other Advocare distributors, I have over 4 years experience marketing online and know how to get my message found by thousands of people each and every day via the power of the internet and social media.

Couple that knowledge with the training I provide my team members who join under me and we are going to have a virtually unstoppable team.

So now that you know a little more about my background with the Advocare, lets take a deeper look at what it means to be an Advocare Distributor.

My Advocare Business Opportunity Story

There are so many stories like the ones you just watched with Advocare.

Since 1993 when Advocare founder, Charlie Ragus, opened the doors to today, thousands of ordinary people have come to Advocare seeking one thing.


That is why you are looking into Advocare right, for freedom?

That’s why I joined, for freedom from the lack of energy, being overweight and feeling run down and tired all the time.

More poor eating habits and lack of exercise affected every aspect of my life in a negative way and I wanted out, I knew I had to chance but I needed help, Advocare gave me the help I was looking for.

When I was able to escape the old me and transform in the man I am today, my goals then shifted to achieving financial freedom.

Advocare goes so much further than any company I have every seen to helping people change their financial situation.

Whether that is the awesome 40% commissions paid to Advocare Advisors, the leadership bonuses that reward you for helping other people build their Advocare business opportunity or the award-winning Debt Buster system that teaches you how to get 100% out of debt in the shortest time possible.

Advocare has your best interests at heart and that is why thousands of distributors have left other top network marketing companies to switch over to Advocare.

I personally am so excited I made the decision and chose Advocare, I am providing a life for my family that I never could have in the full-time career I worked so hard to build.

Advocare has made me such a better person because I no longer think of just myself and what I can do to better provide for my family.

Now all I think about is each one of my teammates and what I can do to help them reach their goals with Advocare.

You see the top performers at Advocare know one thing, if you help someone else find success, then you will find success.

I help my teammates grow their business every way I know how and as they succeed and build their business, my business grows, its a win win for everyone.

I have actually found that it is more satisfying to get a call or email from a teammate who is so excited because they just signed up a new distributor or had a great pay period than I am when I get the emails saying I made a sale or I had a new distributor sign up because it is then I know that I did something to help someone else improve the quality of their life.

I love the people I get to work with everyday, the excitement of not knowing what each day will bring, and how handsomely Advocare distributors are rewarded for their efforts.

My Advocare career is just getting started, I have only been with the company for just over a year, but in that year I have seen so many amazing things that I never knew were out there, met so many cool and exciting people, and made more money that I use to make working 60 plus hours a week at my warehouse job.

I am on the way up and looking to team up with as many people who want more out of life than they have now and are willing to work to get there.

If you like what you have heard and think you have what it takes to join a winning team on the way up, I would love to talk to you about the amazing Advocare business opportunity.

advocare business opportunity

Advocare Distributors

So how do you become an Advocare distributor?

Signing up to become an Advocare distributor and joining in the Advocare business opportunity is simple and easy.

The cost to join Advocare is $79 plus s/h.

Once you join you will become an Advocare distributor, which gives you the right to save up to 40% when you purchase all of your Advocare products and earn up to 40% when you share Advocare with others, and you will receive:

  • 1 Box of Advocare Spark
  • 1 Box of Advocare Slam
  • 1 Solutions For Your Success DVD
  • Your Own Advocare Microsite
  • Free Membership in The Debt Buster System
  • The Opportunity to Earn Income 5 Ways (once you become an advisor)

The $79 is a one time fee and includes $50 in free Advocare product, then each year on your anniversary date, you will need to renew your membership for $50.

Every new distributor starts off at the 20% discount level, you will advance in your Advocare discount levels as your sales grow.

To sign up simply click the picture below

advocare distributors


On the next page you will see information on the Advocare business opportunity, click the become a distributor link at the bottom of page.

advocare business opportunity

Next page select the click here button

The next page you will verify that it is me who you would like to sign up under. click, yes this is the correct sponsor and fill out the rest of the form the click continue

advocare business opportunity

On the last page you will check out and that’s it you are now an Advocare distributor.


I will be in contact with you shortly to welcome you to the team and discuss your new Advocare business opportunity.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, leave me a comment or contact me using the form below.

I look forward to talking to you soon and know that your decision to become an Advocare distributor will be one that you will not regret.

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